7 seconds. That’s how long you have to secure your place on a shortlist

Today’s busy recruiters will scan a CV for around 7 seconds to decide if it’s worth a closer look or not. It’s vital that you catch their attention with a clean and carefully considered layout, and present key information up front that they’re going to be looking for.
Your CV may be holding you back

Having difficulty securing an interview?

Most people aren’t great at promoting themselves. You might be the most experienced, suitably educated person for the job, but you just struggle to articulate it and win your chance on a recruiter’s shortlist.
The good news is – we can help!

We meet people like you every day

We relish the opportunity to help present you in the best possible light to recruiters and managers. Our New Zealand based expert team will work to get your CV in top shape for your next job application! Let us do the work so you can focus on preparing for your interviews.

Our Approach

What we do

We are 20 year recruitment industry experts, with a passion for helping people into jobs. We work with care and empathy, ensuring your CV gets the attention it needs in order to shine. You’ll receive personal attention, with a consultant from our team working closely with you and communicating their revisions, recommendations and changes along the way.

Step 1


Our discovery call with you via phone or Zoom allows us to gather all your key CV data and understand who you are and what your next career goal is.

Step 2

Writing & Development

Our expert CV writers will write and format your CV into a format that you’ll love, and be proud to share with employers.

Step 3

Feedback & Revision

We work with you to make any desired edits, additions and changes until you’re completely happy.

Step 4

CV Bundle

Your CV is provided to you in both Word and PDF format so you’ll be able to easily share with employers and edit yourself in future.

What we focus on

We take a detailed, systematic approach to constructing your new CV, with careful consideration for both content and look-and-feel. We work with both New Zealand based job seekers and people wanting to migrate to New Zealand and find work.


We’ll design an appropriate flow and presentation of your CV data, with our recruiter-approved templates.


Our expert writers can immediately determine what needs to be left out, and what should be added in to your CV.

Human Element

We ensure your CV leaves a recruiter with a feeling of who you are as a person, and how you might fit in to their organisation.


We use business-friendly font styles, weights and sizes, with limited and careful use of iconography.


Expert content creation and editing, to ensure your key skills, qualities, education and experience are highlighted.

Equal Opportunity

We check for and make recommendations on any content that could make your CV look too ‘vintage’.


We’ll make the tone and character of your CV fit who you are, and be suitable for targeting the jobs you want.


A grammatically perfect CV is essential. We complete your CV, sanitise for grammar, then sanitise again.


Files delivered to you in Word and PDF formats with tidy naming conventions, optimised for easy emailing and uploading to careers portals.

What our clients have to say

We guarantee you’ll be pleased with your results too.

“Two call backs this week from my shiny new CV!! Feeling positive.”


“Thanks for the quick turnaround, I got it submitted in time and got a reply the very next day.”


“Getting my CV properly done was money well spent. I recommend it to all my friends who are looking for jobs.”


“SUPER PROUD to share my CV now. Thank you!!!”